“We are blessed you have been the one to show us the beauty of yoga. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try yoga. Thank you for showing me real yoga which I will try to develop. I hope our paths cross again” Karoline, Malaga, Spain

“I had personally given up on yoga here in Spain but you rekindled my enthusiasm. Thank you for that – Susanna, Spain

“Moving the body instinctually made for a true workout of body and relaxing of mind. The combination of music, gentle guidance and encouragement to move the body without inhibition or fear of looking ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid’ as we were guided through familiar asanas whilst being supported by the earth, air and a safe environment with Robbie was a freeing experience and finally made me feel like I understood the true meaning of yoga” – Shannon, Ireland

“Robbie has been such a great source of positivity and healthy support during this crazy year! I’ve been doing his classes since lockdown started and I love them. He’s super clear and easy to follow and the classes are well paced and meditative. I’ve got stronger and more flexible, and I now breathe deeper than I thought was possible. Robbie really shares his love of yoga asana and pranayama and it’s a joy to be part of it.” – Kate, London, UK

“I always had some problems following Yoga in English, not being my first language but you have been really awesome and clear” Ciara, Italy

“I started practicing Yoga this year and thanks to Robbie I now love the practice. Although I never met Robbie in person, his love and passion for the teachings is incredible and very contagious. His charming voice helps to relax and reconnect the mind with the body and soften the feelings of stress which are even more amplified during these times. I just cannot recommend Yoga practice with Robbie enough and all I can say is thank you for making me feel energized and at peace after each and every class”. – Matteo, Italy